Couples in Love /// Getting Back to the Love Story

A Celebration

The team at Bright Bokeh started its journey in 2010, and we have always been committed to celebrating couples in love. Recently, we've been applying ourselves at getting back to that original vision, and as a result, we are accepting commissions for creative love stories.

Together we will create a visual love letter that celebrates your relationship. This can be used as a Save-the-Date or as a standalone film to be shown at your Rehearsal or Reception.

We will collaborate with you to create the best and most beautiful film that you will cherish forever. We want you to feel like movie stars or fashion models. The feel of your film will be based 100% on our shared vision and brainstorming. Your film will have a music-video feel to it, and will be exceptionally unique to you. (Think: Picnic in the Woods, Glamorous James Bond Fashion Shoot, A Night Out in the City, Camping and Climbing in the Mountains) Whatever you're in to as a couple, we want to celebrate it through film. 

Starts at just $2500. Let's get started celebrating your love!

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