Marney + Booth | "We'll Be There With Bells On"

Where to start with this golden couple? It was seven years ago that Booth first laid eyes on Marney and he knew that he just HAD to get her to like him. But lucky for him, she was already impressed with this strapping young hunk with an irresistible drawl. Over the next several years, Booth was persistent in chasing Marney as she moved across the country (and a continent or two) for her work and education.

Since she was a little girl, Marney dreamt of marrying the love of her life outdoors at the Desert Botanical Garden. And when Booth proposed, they knew immediately where to hold the wedding festivities. A whole weekend celebration was planned around the Garden. To everyone’s dismay a thunderstorm rolled in the day before the wedding, threatening Marney and Booth’s dream. But the clouds broke and the sun appeared just as the ceremony was about to begin! The excitement and energy of this good fortune carried on through the night!

BTS: Going into the shoot we knew that Marney and Booth had chosen the agave plant as a symbol of their relationship, which gave us the idea to get the shot of the agave with the sun breaking free from the clouds on the horizon, illuminating the ceremony and fulfilling a lifelong dream. While this shot might just seem “neat” or “pretty” to some, it has a special and timeless significance to the couple and their loved ones. One of the things we often discuss at Bright Bokeh is the concept of intentional shots. While it would be all too easy to show up to our shoots, hit record, and follow the action, we find it much more rewarding for our couples and for us as artists to take an intentional, storytelling approach.